When the sun shines brightly and the weather is warm – that’s when you know Spring is here! A stark contrast from winter, where the weather is gloomy and the wind is frigid cold. Some would even call Spring the perfect time to relax, with the buzzing bees and the blooming flowers, anyone would be able to appreciate such a sight! Fortunately for us, we have the ability to view such a sight right in our backyard. In the Monash Kenneth Hunt garden, there are a wide variety of flowers available right here! Scroll down for more info!

Goodbye for now!

The flowers that you have seen here are just a small glimpse into the wide variety of flowers available in Monash’s Kenneth Hunt garden, anyone is free to have a stroll through the garden and you have our personal guarantee that you are sure to love it!

It's time to enter the garden and get immersed in the gorgeous view!